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We are aware that parents have many things to consider when choosing a language training school for their children, such as faculty, teaching methods and effects on the healthy growth of children. Compared to other children training organizations with a wide disparity in quality, Berlitz has over a century of experience and global resources to provide you and your children more high-quality services, build children’s confidence and interest in learning foreign languages, create a higher return on your investment in child education and support your children’s healthy, happy growth.

Why parents choose Berlitz Kids:

Reason 1:

At Berlitz, your children will learn a new language in a native real-life environment

Berlitz combines the proven Berlitz Method® with language instruction for kids and teens. Language instruction is given in real-life situations so that children can learn easily in a pleasant native-speaking environment. Our foreign instructors speak to children using native pronunciation and correcting grammar, so children think in the target language from the very beginning in the way their native language is learnt, so as to increase children’s impression through effective repetition. This way, children learn naturally and happily, laying a solid foundation for their future language learning. tl_files/contents/berlitz_contents/training-courses/kids-training-courses/8.jpg

Reason 2:

Native-fluent instructors stimulate the interest and motivation of children

Children have a very short attention span, which is less than 10 minutes for preschool children, and less than 20 minutes for Grade 1 and 2 pupils. Children will feel tired and easily get districted beyond that span.

Professional children’s language instructors at Berlitz not only understand how children think at different stages of age, but also employ the Total Physical Response (T.P.R.) concept to attract children’s attention with interesting games, catch their eyes with toys and other props and ease their brain fatigue with songs, jokes and handcrafts. This ensures that children can learn best in the attention span and during interactive “plays” and rest. Children’s hidden talent in the target language will be fully tapped whilst their interest is stimulated.


Note: Total Physical Response (T.P.R.) is a dual language instruction theory created in the early 1960s by Mr. James Asher, a famous US expert in psychology after his researches over more than 20 years. At the core of this theory is to build up the confidence in language learning through receiving information by looking, listening and touching, mitigating pressure of speaking with body response and creating a deeper, longer impression. The method is particularly efficient and effective for children’s language learning.

Reason 3:

Berlitz Tutoring builds real language skills for students ages 4 to 18. Our tutoring programs are designed to focus on the individual needs and personal goals of each child, and our engaging conversational approach builds critical listening and speaking skills.

  • Language learning based on the conversational Berlitz Method®
  • Age-appropriate curriculum
  • Specially trained native-fluent instructors
  • Students learn at their own pace
  • Private and Semi-Private Programs offered
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